Music Credits

Recording / Mixing

Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr.- PBS
Marcus Miller “Tales” PRG Records
Stephen Stills 2 song demo- Gerry Tallman
Clint Eastwood – piano record for “In The Line of Fire” movie
Janet Jackson – record vocals 94 “Janet” Tour – Virgin Records
Love/Hate “I’m Not Happy” LP
Flea – bass overdubs for Mike Watt
Luther Vandross – bass overdubs with Marcus Miller
Better Than Ezra – remix “In The Blood” singles-Elektra
Diana Ross & The Supremes “Noel” remix-Motown
Amy Grant – A&M Records – Voice Over
Barry White – A&M Records – Voice Over
David Wilcox – A&M Records – Voice Over
Extreme – A&M Records – Voice Over
Giant – A&M Records – Voice Over
Soundgarden – A&M Records – Voice Over
Shelly Long (from Cheers) – Voice Over
Lee Holdridge “Giant of Thunder Mountain” Orchestra mix
Marvin Gaye “I Was Telling Her About You” Motown
Moby “Heat” movie – 2 songs – Warner Bros.
Neil Young – Farm Aid Video – Reprise
100 Fires EP – independent – co-produced
Alexandra Marie “Esencia De Mujer” independant
Wayanay Inca “Andean World” – independant
Inclined “Sifter” EP 3 Minds – co-produced, mixed
The Simpsons – FOX
Bill Murray & Bronson Pinchot – vocal recording for musical
Cheri Brandon – Interscope Records
Goul Brynner EP – independent
Roland Alvarez “Notes From My Wounds” CD
Roland Alvarez “Streams & Stairwells”
Stefan Janoski – recording & mixing
Nuclear Valdez – Present From The Past LIVE – directed, produced, mixed
Camilla K – DoubleX – London


Monty $$ – Money Over Fame 3
Nuclear Valdez – Present From The Past – vinyl
Simon Jano – Campo De Fuerza
Vintash Band – Raymond Daniel Rodriguez
3RG Miami – Brinca – single
SunGhosts – Joel Someillan Productions
Ghost of Gloria – “Trial + Virtue”
Sheryl Dutton – “Waves”
Robert Bidney – “Pill For Poverty”
Gaby Borges – Joel Someillan Productions
Dyslexic Postcard “4th Round K.O.”
Alvaro Torres – “Otra Vida”
Vera Icon – Sinical Records
Sofiya Uryvayeva – “L.O.V.E. Game”
Eliseo Grenet – Greatest Hits Vol 1 – Albita, Cachao
Blindfold Mary – independent
Dashboard Saints – independent
Friction Farm – TMG Records
Oski Foundation – TMG Records
Wicked Screaming Squirts – TMG Records
Florida Memorial College – independent
Young Ones – TMG Records
Christian Lagos – independent
Cuchara – TMG Records
Imaginary Friend – independent
Jessie Allen – independent
Marie Assali – independent
Shag – independent
St. Thomas Choir – independent
Unisense – independent
Santos Renuentes – TMG Records
Chronic Underground – Independent
Armand Peña – DJ
Roberto Aramburu – independent
Chris Alexander – independent
Wayanay Inca “Andean World” – independant
Wasted Circle – independent
Barry Stramp “Sky of Dreams” Ancient Sun Music
Love Nest “A Howard Poem” independent
Phattica 7 song EP independent
Prototype LP independent
Rastine “Afrodesiac” LP Zoo Records
“Cause: Rock for Choice” LP
Inclined “Bright New Day” Sony Music
100 Fires “By Reason or By Scorn” – independent
Susie Tallman “Let’s Go!” Rock Me Baby records
Endo – Get Low
Sam Phillips “Cruel Intentions” LP Virgin Records
Blue Train “Business of Dreams” LP Zoo Records
Joe Jackson “Stranger Than Fiction” single – Virgin Records
Momma Stud “Stormy” Virgin Records
Procol Harum “The Truth Won’t Fade Away” Zoo Records
Soundgarden “Outshined” A&M Records
Temple of the Dog “Say Hello 2 Heaven” A&M Records
Rainbow Girls “Girl’s Life”
Randy Jackson – various

Assistant Engineer

Neil Young “Sleeps With Angels” Reprise
Leonard Cohen Morning Becomes Eclectic- KXLU
Mike Watt “Ball-hog or Tugboat” Sony Music
X-Japan – Yoshiki  “Art of Life”
Tom Jones “I Wanna Get Back With You” Interscope
Tower of Power “Souled Out” LP – Epic
Izzy Stradlin “117¬∞” LP – Geffen
Warrant “Ultraphobic” LP CMC Records
Cher – vocal recording
Andy Summers – guitar recording
Randy Newman “Faust” LP
Beach Boys single with John Stamos
Alvin & The Chipmunks “Very Merry Chipmunk” Epic
Alvin & The Chipmunks “Chipmunks in Low Places” Epic
Kermit “Unpigged” – Jim Henson Records
Anri “Opus 21” LP – For Life Japan
Countess Vaughn – Virgin Records
Divinyls – Virgin Records
Geggy Tah “Grand Opening” Warner Bros.
Hidé “Trust Me” LP EastWest Japan
Jack Sheldon LP
Jackson Browne single
Kenny Loggins
Larry Clark
Le Couple “Hide and Seek” – Pony Canyon
Mario Grigorov “Rhymes With Orange” Reprise
Peter Kingsberry
Ted Hawkins “Next Hundred Years” Geffen Records
LA/NY Music – Levis, Hersheys, McDonalds
LA Mass Choir – “Unconditional Love”
Nina Hagen “Bee Happy” BMG
Baywatch Nights with Lou Rawls and David Hasselhoff – music for TV series
Dillon O’Brian – RCA