Mixing, Mastering, Sound design, Music editing, Noise reduction, and Audio Restoration.

Using the latest in digital technology combined with amazing analog gear, allows music and sound to be a visceral experience.

Don’t just listen, feel it!

Roland Alvarez has engineered on Gold and Platinum records, as well as Grammy, Oscar and Emmy nominated productions. Over 25 years in the industry beginning at A&M Studios in Hollywood,  Virgin Studios in Beverly Hills and then on to Earth, Wind & Fire’s studio known as The Complex. Later he moved to TV audio as a music editor at Saban Entertainment and a sound designer at Discovery Channel in Miami.  Highly proficient in Pro Tools editing, mixing and noise reduction with ears fine tuned for mastering.

Analog gear includes: GML, SSL, API, Cranesong, and Manley

Digital gear includes: ProTools HD, iZotope, SonicStudio, Avid, Nugen, Waves and other boutique brands

Speakers are Bryston powered Westlake BBSM  & Custom Yamaha NS-10s

Microphones: Neumann u87, Manley Reference Cardiod, Earthworks TC-30