Equipment List


Sonic Studio HD • THE mastering workstation

ProTools HD • digital workstation

Crane Song HEDD 192 • A/D - D/A & analog simulator

Crane Song IBIS • Discrete Class A analog equalizer

SSL XL LOGIC • G series analog compressor

Summit TLM-100 • mono vocal compressor

Westlake Audio BBSM-8 • speakers

Bryston 4B ST Pro • power amp

API lunchbox with 2-550b's, 2-512c's, and 2-OSA Mic Pres

Manley Refernce Cardiod Mic, Neumann U87

Earthworks TC30 (x2), Senheiser 421, Shure SM57

WAVES Masters • linear phase multiband compressor, EQ & L2 limiter

EMI TG12413 • Compressor Plugs

Tascam DA-88 • 8 track digital recorder

Sony PCM-7010 • 2 track timecode DAT recorder

Plextor 8/20 • CD recorder


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