Music Discography

Recording and/or Mixing
Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr.- PBS
Marcus Miller "Tales" PRG Records
Stephen Stills 2 song demo- Gerry Tallman
Cheri Brandon - Interscope Records
Goul Brynner EP - independent
Clint Eastwood - live piano for "In The Line of Fire" movie
Janet Jackson - record vocals 94 "Janet" Tour - Virgin Records
Love/Hate "I'm Not Happy" LP
Randy Jackson - various
Luther Vandross - bass overdubs with Marcus Miller
Better Than Ezra re-mix singles Elektra
Diana Ross & The Supremes "Noel" Motown
Lee Holdridge "Giant of Thunder Mountain" Orchestra mix
Marvin Gaye "I Was Telling Her About You" Motown
Moby "Heat" movie - 2 songs - Warner Bros.
Neil Young - Farm Aid Video - Reprise
100 Fires EP - independent - co-produced
Alexandra Marie "Esencia De Mujer" independant
Wayanay Inca "Andean World" - independant
Inclined "Sifter" EP 3 Minds - co-produced, mixed
The Simpsons - FOX

Bronson Pinchot & Bill Murray - unreleased? musical
Roland Alvarez (me) "Notes From My Wounds" CD

Eliseo Grenet - Greatest Hits Vol1 - Albita, Cachao

Blindfold Mary - independent
Dashboard Saints - independent
Friction Farm - TMG Records
Oski Foundation - TMG Records
Wicked Screaming Squirts - TMG Records
Florida Memorial College - independent
Young Ones - TMG Records
Christian Lagos - independent
Cuchara - TMG Records
Imaginary Friend - independent
Jessie Allen - independent
Marie Assali - independent
Shag - independent
St. Thomas Choir - independent
Unisense - independent
Santos Renuentes - TMG Records
Chronic Underground - Independent
Armand Peña - DJ
Roberto Aramburu - independent
Chris Alexander - independent
Wayanay Inca "Andean World" - independant
Wasted Circle - independent
Barry Stramp "Sky of Dreams" Ancient Sun Music
Love Nest "A Howard Poem" independent
Phattica 7 song EP independent
Prototype LP independent
Rastine "Afrodesiac" LP Zoo Records
"Cause: Rock for Choice" LP
Inclined "Bright New Day" Sony Music
100 Fires "By Reason or By Scorn" - independent
Susie Tallman "Let's Go!" Rock Me Baby records

Digital Editing
Sam Phillips "Cruel Intentions" LP Virgin Records
Blue Train "Business of Dreams" LP Zoo Records
Joe Jackson "Stranger Than Fiction" single - Virgin Records
Momma Stud "Stormy" Virgin Records
Procol Harum "The Truth Won't Fade Away" Zoo Records
Soundgarden "Outshined" A&M Records
Temple of the Dog "Say Hello 2 Heaven" A&M Records
Baywatch Nights TV show

Rainbow Girls "Girl's Life"

Voice recording for promos
Amy Grant - A&M Records
Barry White - A&M Records
David Wilcox - A&M Records
Extreme - A&M Records
Giant - A&M Records
Soundgarden - A&M Records

Shelly Long (from Cheers)

2nd Engineer

Neil Young "Sleeps With Angels" Reprise
Leonard Cohen Morning Becomes Eclectic- KXLU
Mike Watt "Ball-hog or Tugboat" Sony Music
Tom Jones "I Wanna Get Back With You" Interscope
Tower of Power "Souled Out" LP - Epic
Izzy Stradlin "117°" LP - Geffen
Warrant "Ultraphobic" LP CMC Records
Cher - vocal recording
Andy Summers - guitar recording
Randy Newman "Faust" LP
Beach Boys single with John Stamos 1994
Alvin & The Chipmunks "Very Merry Chipmunk" Epic
Alvin & The Chipmunks "Chipmunks in Low Places" Epic
Kermit "Unpigged" - Jim Henson Records
Anri "Opus 21" LP - For Life Japan
Countess Vaughn - Virgin Records
Divinyls - Virgin Records
Geggy Tah "Grand Opening" Warner Bros.
Hidé "Trust Me" LP EastWest Japan
Jack Sheldon LP
Jackson Browne single
Kenny Loggins
Larry Clark 
Le Couple "Hide and Seek" - Pony Canyon
Mario Grigorov "Rhymes With Orange" Reprise
Peter Kingsberry
Ted Hawkins "Next Hundred Years" Geffen Records
LA/NY Music - Levis, Hersheys, McDonalds

LA Mass Choir - "Unconditional Love"
Nina Hagen "Bee Happy" BMG

TV & Film Credits

Network promos for
Discovery Channel, Animal Planet,

Home & Health, Travel & Living,
People & Arts, Discovery Kids

AD Sales promos for
Givenchy, Dior. Cuervo Tequila,

Caterpillar, Davinci Code,

Long format mixes:
Objectivo:El Norte
(Emmy Nominee)
Con Gusto y Sazon

M&E Recreation:
American Chopper
Bringing Home Baby
Clean Sweep
Deadliest Catch
Wife Swap

Various TV spots & Radio shows for DirecTV & Univision
Ad campaigns with:
Alejandro Sanz
Cuauhtemoc Blanco
Andres Garcia
Eduardo Xol
La Bronca

TM Productions, 20th CENTURY FOX
(Record & Mix Spanish & Portuguese TV Spots)
Big Momma’s House
X Men
Me, Myself, & Irene
Titan A.E.
The Beach
Fight Club
Star Wars Episode 1
There’s Something About Mary

(Record, edit & mix TV spots)
The Santa Clause
Oliver Twist
The Little Princess
House Guest
Ruby Bridges
The Flintstones

(Sound Restoration)
Dressed To Kill
Noon ‘Til Three
Some Girls
Swamp Thing
The Favor

(Edit & Conform Foreign languages for airline)
Shakespeare In Love
Meet Joe Black
A Simple Plan
Babe: Pig In The City
Out Of Sight
For Richer Or Poorer
The Jackal
The Boxer
Mercury Rising
Kissing A Fool
Blues Brothers 2000
Jaws (sound restoration)
Happy Gilmore (LA Spanish mix)

IN-FINN-ITY Productions
(Record, Edit & Mix 30min. DRTV)
Various titles

(Edit & Mix)
Produced over 4000
Automotive TV/Radio spots

(Edit & Mix)
Various TV spots

(Record Portuguese ADR)
Various movies and shows 6/2000

audio mix
"A Todo Bebe"


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