About Us

Colada Mix provides audio post production and mastering services and located in the Miami area. Started in Los Angeles, CA in June 2000, we have since moved to Coconut Grove, FL, where we hope to help expand the entertainment industry. Our services include audio editing, sweetening, mastering and mixing using ProTools HD, Sonic Studio HD, and a decent selection of analog gear. Our work ethic comes from having worked at some of the best recording studios in the world and with some of the most discriminating clients.

Owner and chief engineer Roland Alvarez brings his expertise in recording, mastering, and audio post to Colada Mix. He is a Miami native who attended the Atlanta College of Art, moved to Los Angeles intending to continue his art studies, and instead fell into the recording world. He started an apprenticeship at Milagro Recording in Glendale, CA and moved on to A&M, where he started mastering and editing. He continued to hone his skills at The Complex where he was awarded a gold record for Neil Young's "Sleeps with Angels" album and a Platinum record for The Chipmunks "In Low Places". He has engineered for many artists, including Marcus Miller, Better Than Ezra, Stephen Stills, and Moby. In 1996, deciding to pursue post production, he became a music editor at Saban Entertainment on animated TV series' including "Power Rangers Zeo", "The Incredible Hulk", and "Masked Rider". In 1997, after moving to VDI Multimedia, he learned the ins and outs of audio post and worked on movie trailers, TV spots, and sound restoration for clients including Disney, MGM, and Universal. Most recently he has worked as an audio engineer & sound designer for Discovery Channel as well as continues to work on mixing and mastering sessions for the music industry.



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